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Promoting KYVL

KYVL colors


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Representing KYVL on your website

We recommend that you provide a link to KYVL on your library website. If you are providing direct links from your library page into a specific database through the native interface, also we ask that you put a KYVL logo next to that link.  

When you add a KYVL link to your library’s website, we recommend the following:

  • make the logo a hyperlink to the KYVL site
  • include the URL (web address) for the KYVL site
  • add a short paragraph to describe KYVL resources
  • tell your patrons how to acquire a KYVL login

For example:

KYVL logo

KYVL provides access to over 60 encyclopedias, full text and citation databases as well as test prep and skill-building resources, How to Do Research tutorials and more.  Contact the Reference desk for your id and password to use KYVL at home.