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Courier Service

Deadline for submission

The deadline to submit claims for missing items is Monday, November 14, 2016, at noon.

Please email claims to

Which items should I claim?

Claim only items belonging to your library.

Please notify lending libraries of materials in your library's care so that they do not submit claims for these items.

Likewise, please check with borrowing libraries to determine if your items are being held there or have been shipped by non-courier means.

If your library has participated in courierpooling, please make arrangements to complete delivery of these bags so that claims are not filed for these items.

â–ºAre your items still in the pipeline for delivery?

Of the 800-plus courier bags delivered in September, all but a few are out for delivery. The last bags to leave KYVL can be viewed on the Remaining Items page. Please remember that your items may be in bags bound for other libraries.

Do I submit a claim for an item I sent that did not arrive?

If you returned by courier an item belonging to another library and that item did not reach its destination, do not submit a claim. Instead, please direct the appropriate person from the lending library to file a claim with KYVL for the missing items.

If you have another library's items

If you have items belonging to another library, please be ready to provide that information to the owning library.

Allowable claim amount

Claim amounts are limited to the replacement cost of missing or damaged items, as stated in the courier contract:

"KYVL will use library replacement costs from standard vendors, such as Alibris, Amazon, etc., to determine item replacement costs."

Your library may attach a value to the claim by providing an appropriate link to the same or similar item at a standard vendor.

How will claims be paid?

A list of claims submitted by the deadline will be discussed with the vendor. The vendor will reimbuse KYVL and KYVL will issue individual reimbursements to claiming libraries.

To be eligible for reimbursement, claims must be submitted before the November 14 deadline.