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Courier Service

COVID-19 courier updates

Courier service was suspended as of March 31, 2020 and is currently suspended through May 31, 2020, pending reevaluation. Further changes will be announced as soon as information becomes available.

Precautions in handling materials

During the COVID-19 pandemic, libraries are encouraged to take extra precautions in the handling of library materials. Measures in place at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives include:

  • Disinfecting incoming materials, including courier bags and totes
  • Quarantining materials before recirculating
  • Rotating courier bags
Report closed dates

Libraries suspending service are asked to report closures and other changes affecting courier service using the Report Closed Dates form.

  • Special instructions for drivers regarding access or delivery should be entered in the form's notes field.
  • Completion of this form requires an account in the KYVL Member Portal.

For assistance, please contact KYVL at or 844.400.KYVL.

Cost and participation

Participation in KYVL courier service is open to member public and academic libraries and the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.

Adding or canceling stops

Courier stops are scheduled and invoiced annually for the fiscal year that begins July 1. For libraries wishing to add or eliminate stops during the year, the following terms apply:

  • Libraries are invoiced on a prorated basis for stops added after annual invoicing.
  • Refunds are not issued stops canceled during the fiscal year.
  • Requests for two weekly stops per location will be honored by STAT Courier.
  • Requests for three or more weekly stops will be scheduled at the discretion of STAT Courier.
  • Changes to the scheduled number of weekly stops will generally be implemented within two weeks of the initial request.

To request service changes, please contact KYVL at or 844.400.KYVL.To report temporary closings affecting courier stops, please report closed dates using the form below.

Cost of participation

To maximize access to resource sharing within the Commonwealth, KYVL subsidizes the cost of participation in KYVL courier service for member public and academic libraries:

  • One weekly courier stop is free for each participating academic institution or public library system.
  • For F19-20, member libraries' cost for additional stops at main or branch locations is $750 annually per weekly stop.
  • The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives pays the full cost of $1,750 for each of its courier stops in support of KYVL courier service.
Primary contact

Each participating library is asked to designate a primary courier contact. Designated contacts should be enrolled in the KYVL member portal and subscribed to the KYVL Courier e-list. See Sign up and Subscribe to e-lists instructions at

Courier contacts are added to individual route lists maintained by STAT Courier for notifications regarding changes or delays affecting a particular route.

To designate a primary courier contact for your library, please send contact name, job title and email address to

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