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KYVL Courier Service

Key information

Designated contacts and email bursts

Each participating library is asked to designate a primary contact for matters affecting KYVL courier service. Designated contacts should be enrolled in the KYVL member portal and should subscribe to the KYVL Courier e-list. See Sign up and Subscribe to e-lists instructions at

Designated contacts will be added to individual route lists maintained by Stat Courier. These lists will be used for route-specific notifications (email bursts) regarding changes or delays affecting a particular route.

To designate a primary courier contact for your library, please send contact name, title and email address to

Items eligible for transport

The KYVL courier service is used for exchanging library and instructional materials among participating libraries, including the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives (KDLA).

Items that may be shipped via KYVL courier include:

  • Books, audiobooks, articles, and other library resources for interlibrary loan purposes. Most such items are packaged in the green zippered bags provided by KYVL (see Shipping information > Packaging).
  • KDLA book discussion kits and thematic programming kits, packaged in luggage or plastic containers.
  • KDLA Circulating Audiobook Collections.
  • KDLA Circulating Large Print Collections may ship subject to available capacity and the following conditions:
    • All the usual packaging and labeling requirements apply.
    • In order to avoid interfering with transport of more time-sensitive items, these collections ship with lower priority than other transported items, and may, at the driver's discretion, be left until a subsequent service day or divided into smaller shipments.

Please note that KYVL courier service may not be used to ship equipment, furniture, or other items that are not library or instructional materials. If you have a question about the eligibility of an item or items for shipment, please contact KYVL.

  • Libraries may contact KYVL offices to discuss transport of library materials being permanently gifted from one library to another.

Resume ILL lending

For libraries that temporarily suspending ILL lending due to the recent stoppage of courier service, the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives has prepared instructions to help libraries resume ILL lending in OCLC.

These steps were outlined by Bill Shrout, KDLA's Branch Manager for Customer Services and Collections, and are published here with his permission.

If you have listed your library temporarily as NOT an OCLC supplier

From WorldShare ILL Interlibrary Loan Home:

  • Click on “OCLC Policies Directory” in the “Other” column.
  • Sign in to the OCLC Polices Directory using your 9-digit “Authorization” number and password.
    • The OCLC Policies Directory should open on your library’s “Profile” page.
  • In the “OCLC Supplier” area, click “Edit.”
  • In the “Edit” dialog, select the “Yes” button next to “OCLC Supplier.”

If you have configured an extended closure

From WorldShare ILL Interlibrary Loan Home:

  • Click on “OCLC Policies Directory” in the “Other” column.
  • Sign in to the OCLC Polices Directory using your 9-digit “Authorization” number and password.
  • In the “Schedule” tab, click “Delete” next to the extended closure you configured in the “Closure” area.

Courier Q&A

Six introductory Q&A sessions were held the week of October 30, 2017, and two sessions were scheduled for January 9, 2018. Please contact KYVL if you need individual assistance. If there is interest, we will work on scheduling additional sessions.

KYVL will be hosting online Courier Q&A sessions the week of October 30. Please log in at at any of the following times:

  • Monday 9 am ET / 8 am CT
  • Monday 11 am ET / 10 an CT
  • Tuesday 10 am ET / 9 am CT
  • Tuesday 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT
  • Thursday 1 pm ET / 12 pm CT
  • Friday 11 am ET / 10 am CT
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