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Courier Service

If you come to Frankfort

As the first phase of distribution of courier items, libraries are being encouraged to visit KYVL offices in Frankfort to pick up the materials addressed to them.

If you're coming:

  • Call KYVL at 877.588.5288 or email to schedule an appointment.
  • KYVL staff will prepare a listing of barcodes of items addressed to your library.
  • Bring your own tubs, totes or boxes to transport materials. KYVL staff will gladly help estimate the number of tubs needed for your library's items.
  • Contact nearby libraries and offer to "courier-pool."
  • Libraries having items picked up by another institution will need to email KYVL with specific instructions about the release of those materials.

When you arrive

Visitors to the Council on Postsecondary Education, where KYVL is housed, are required to sign in on arrival. Should you wish to visit KYVL offices when you come to collect your materials, please sign in at reception on the third floor. The receptionist will call KYVL staff to escort you to our area.

If you prefer, KYVL staff can bring your materials on a cart to an exterior door. If you choose this option, no sign-in is required. Simply call 877.588.5288 to let KYVL staff know you have arrived.

You will be asked to sign a receipt for materials you pick up.

Get directions

Coming to KLA? Enter "Galt House" in the box below.


If you discover an error

Should you find that a bag was incorrectly labeled and that items picked up were not intended for your library, please notify the appropriate library or libraries and KYVL as soon as the error is discovered.

Distribution progress

Click the Distribution Progress tab for a map of progress. The list of libraries whose materials have left KYVL has been moved there, as well.