Hi, my name is Jalette Raseur, and this is my home page. How do you like it? First off, I have to say that the color of my page is no acident, no siree! The letters of it are: 66FF00. Did you figure it out yet? Okay, Ill give you a hint! What letter is six letters from the end of the alphabet? NOw, do you get it? It's not me, it's YOU! GET IT YET?? Okay, well, if you put the U's in place of the 6's then you get UUFFOO. So....


Good, I thot so. Now, let's get to the point! ^_^



My first siting--along with my two sisters and my dog)--was in august of 1997. It was witnessed by a number of other people along with ourselves.. The ufo was round and kind of thin, sort of shaped like an big upside down Reeses peanut butter cup. It had all the ridges around it just like that, but it also had a part on top that was pointy. The space ship was about 50 yards away and was hhovering right over the park where i walk my dog. It was omitting a strange green rays out of it's windows, and my dog ran over in that direction before I could stop her. She turned green and stayed that way for almost the rest of the week:

The vet sent a sample of her fur to the lab for testing. We didn't get any conclusive results cause the lab technician had to suddenly take a maternity leaf.OMG, i didn't realize until right now while I was typing this what that could mean. Fortunately, my dog is fixed!!


Well, after that night I just couldn't go back to the park. We didn't go back for a long time, but gradually we did go back around in 1999. And then I decided to take my dad's camera whenever i could. Most of the time we would end up waiting for a long time and nothing was there. But i did manage to get two differen t pictures that I can show you, one by day and one by nite:

I took my photos to the police station so they could follow up on it. They told me that they don't handle classical information, and that I should call the FBI. I did call them, but i never could get through to talk to a real person, so I decided to post my findings here and perhaps thru the power of the INTERNET we could do something about it! I don't know what tho!


The best thing we can do at this point is to document our sitings, so if you have any sitings to report, please click on my email link below and send me everything you know about ufos, or any photos you want me to post. It's kind of scarry but the only way to deal with it is to ban together. Well, thank you for visiting my site and please, PUHLEEZ, send me everything you have on this subject!!! - Jalette