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Trouble logging in?

Many login errors can be resolved using the tips found below.

Password help

Contact your home library to confirm that you have the current username and password. Some users may request a password using KYVL's password request form. For details, see Requesting a Password.

IP address check

Is your web browser the most current version?

Please check if your web browser is the most current version available.


  • Click the 3 dots in the upper righthand corner of your web browser window, or enter chrome://help/ in your Chrome address bar.
  • Choose Help > About Google Chrome.
  • If you need an update, Chrome will automatically begin updating. You will need to close and reopen Chrome for the changes to take effect.


  • Enter about:preferences#advanced in your Firefox address bar.
  • If necessary, choose Update from the menu.
  • The option to "automatically install updates" may already be selected. If not, follow these steps to initiate an update.  

Internet Explorer

  • Go to Tools (Alt + X) > About Internet Explorer.
  • Check "Install new versions automatically." If this box is checked, no further action is needed.